Damaged Photo? Photo renovation.


Why photo renovation?

An old damaged photo can have several different types of wear and tears. Time is not the only thing damaging photos, it is possible to slow down this process, with preserving techniques.

However deterioration is inevitable. Photo have a limited life span. Depending on the gravity of the damage caused by time, the difficulty of the restoration can vary

A photo has 3 layers:

– The image

– The material on which the image is stuck on.

– The glue, maintaining the image and materiel on which the image is stuck on together.

Here we will see the different types of damage:

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Photo damaged by cracks

Cracks can sometimes appear on old damaged photo.

Those cracks can reduce the resistance of the picture. It is possible to rapidly lose pieces on the edges and and spreading gradually towards the centre of it.

You can notice that a large portion of the picture is difficult to make out.

This type of damage can come from poor storage, of thin and poor quality paper.

Photo damaged by folding

Fold marks on a damaged photo are most of the time due to a storage with caused wrinkles on the paper.

This type of degradation may also be caused by paper composed of several poor quality layers. Therefore the first layer tends to peel of.

Photo damaged by teared parts

A photo can be damaged by tears. The teared parts can be small and many, like cracks or like in the example, on the length of the picture.

It is when we notice a crack on the borders of a photo that we have to be careful, and that we need to preserve it, to avoid that they become a full blown tears.

When that happens the mistake not to make is to tape the torn part.  It would make the part needing repair much bigger, therefore the restoration more complicated.

Photo damaged by faded parts

Some photos can have completely faded parts. It can be due to difficult preservation conditions, like in the first example.

In some other cases, something might have been added to the photo, like in the second example pen marks.

Those degradations, particularly on faces, can be complicated to treat.

The restoration work consists then , amongst other things,  in duplicating or recreating some elements of the photo to fill the blanks.

Photos damaged by stains

A damaged photo may have been exposed to dampness or dust.

Dust covering a picture can, with time, spread and sink inside, making it impossible for some parts to be cleaned.

Dampness can be one of the greatest danger for your photos, damp patches forming in the picture, can spread, tone down and erase completely some parts.

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Toned down damaged photo

Photos can be Toned down, for a number of reasons.

It may be due to dampness, water particles can absorb the ink making the photo. Heat can also have a significant role. Instant photo (like Polaroïds) can fade out quickly depending on the film used.

Mould damaged photo


Mould can be seen on a damaged photo. Dampness is what causes this kind of degradation.

Fermentation then attacks some parts, and sometimes can lead to decay.

Parts of the photo can be erased. If it is a colour photo, they can be changed by dampness.